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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a free Mp3 search engine where you can search and download all your favorite full songs,videos and lyrics for free! You can also create a free playlist and embed it anywhere you want! All the songs are full length and can be downloaded for free with a click of a button!

How do I download songs?

Downloading is very simple, you just search for the song by either using the song name or artist's name as the search term. You're then taken to the results page, where you have 4 options:

- Opens a small window with a flash player, allows you to listen to the song online for free!

- Adds the song to your playlist(You need to be logged in to do that though).

- Takes you to the song information and download page, where you can download the song by clicking the download button!

- Opens a window containing the song embed link, you can embed our flash player on your website for free!

Why should I register?

Registering at is completely free and takes only a few seconds! Registered users can create their own playlist and embed them anywhere they want for free! So register now!

What is a playlist?

A playlist is a collection/list of songs that you can create when you are registered at You can add the songs that you find in our results to your personal playlist and listen to them whenever you want, you can even copy and paste the embed code available in the playlist menu(once you're logged in) on your blog or website to show the playlist on your website where your users can play the songs! The embedded playliat would look exactly like below: